“CrossFit Games Need More Chest Hair” (And Other Week 2 Gems)

Another week of Regionals, another week of FUBAR comments in the live youtube chat. While last week brought us some gems, particularly relating to Kara Webb and her past life as a kangaroo herder, this weeks’ trolls just weren’t up to creative snuff.

Instead, things got a bit more topical. We got some of bro science, discussions on various degrees of chest hair, and a lot of lessons on the best ways to get ripped and sling chicks. Oh, and one guy that just really likes cheese.

Per usual, all of the comments are in their original, unadulterated form. While we’ve kept the original usernames, note that there is some obvious, blatant impersonation happening on the internets. The Dan Bailey troll is just that, a troll (not a very good one), and not Dan Bailey himself.

Trolls on Tresses

BHHJR1984 If Noah misses the cut, he’s going to caress his hair for hext 36 hours stragiht

Patrick Hopkins @Clete that’s what makes Lucas the best. Team no shave. Hilarious to watch the bar slice through his beard in cleans.

Andrew Harvey crossfit games needs more chest hair

A photo posted by Lucas Parker (@toqueluc) on

Trolls on ‘Roids

Tyler Bennett I heard the judges are used as drug mules

Mikael Engmark Helligsø If they juice, then why are they super religious…the lie thingy

Event 8 is the drug test

Trolls on Body Image

Scott Enderwick donkey calf raises will make u a games level ath;lete

kingdaleclarke Sccott I prefer barbell calf raises,simple but does the trick,women love calf muscles

angelo riccardi kingdale Be like look at me. im so proud to do heavy curls

kingdaleclarke javier just start working out man,once u lose some of that fat u will grow in confidence and wont hate so much

CrossFit Games

Trolls on Technique

dd b this is absurd , all i can see is lacticc acids , lactic acid everywere

honeybadgerAMERICA eventually the standards will have to be whos heart can explode first i feel this will get phased into a younger sport

GHETTO SCUMBAG, why they running on a tredmeal (i cain’t spell) 
Juan Hernandez its not a treadmill
its a true form
Lee Duance
thought crossfit don’t use machines ?
Gi lo
its without electricity…you just run it by urself
the way the founding fathers WOD’d 

Nyghtewynd I tried that whole arm-windmill thing for wallballs on Thursday, and darned if it didn’t work really well. 


Trolls on Truth Bombs

Jacob Lineberger do yall love cheese

Stolis Touf PRESS 1 IF YOU THINK THAT THE YOUNGER BROTHER OF SMITH’S is the dissapointment of the family

Scott Enderwick yes noahs wheelhouse is here
Christian Santos Fuck you Scott

Dan Bailey after my fail in the regionals im a full time youtube troll 
Dan Bailey my name says dan bailey so its confirms im dan bailey