Fantasy CrossFit Is Back for 2018

In year two of CrossFit Pick ‘Em, the prize has doubled: two million dollars is up for grabs for the athlete/fan who can correctly guess the top ten men, top ten woman, and top five teams at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games.

The announcement was made by Dan Bailey on Patrick Vellner’s Instagram (because synergy) and the reason the prize is so much higher this year is because nobody won last year. Here’s the scuttlebutt.

Listen up! Dan Bailey’s biceps have something important to tell you. The Crossfit Games Fantasy bracket is back for a second year in a row! Since no one matches a perfect bracket last year, @reebok and @crossfitgames have upped the ante and are offering 2 million big ones to anyone that can correctly guess the top 10 men, top 10 women and top 5 teams at the 2018 Crossfit Games. And obviously put me up there!! It’s free to play so head over to to make your picks and GOOD LUCK!!! Let’s get a winner this year!

Fantasy CrossFit has been a, well, fantasy for CrossFit fans for a while so we were excited when this was announced last year, but the fact that no one won was a bit of a bummer.

[Watch the predictions that Reebok’s top employees made in their Pick ‘Em brackets last year and revel in the wisdom of hindsight.]

Cynics said that given the number of athletes competing, the odds of perfectly selecting a bracket are technically in the ballpark of one in 427 undecillion, which is like 427 with thirty-six zeros after it. But that doesn’t take into account that not every athlete has the same odds of winning.

When it comes to, say, which guy will come first, many people would probably say it’ll be Mat Fraser, Pat Vellner, or Brent Fikowski: a one in three shot. But hey, you never know — Vellner made the podium on his very first appearance as an individual in the Games, as did Ricky Garard last year. (With, uh, a pretty big asterisk.) And Fraser came in second his first year at the Games.

If you’re interested in playing, head to Reebok’s site, plug in your email, and get started. Just promise to share your winnings with us if you heard about Pick ‘Em on BarBend; it’s only fair.

Featured image via @fikowski on Instagram.