Dave Castro Announces New Movement Standards With 18.0 Workout

Yesterday evening, we shared an article in regards to Dave Castro’s latest CrossFit Open 18.0 (zero) announcement/hint. Later that night, CrossFit went live streaming the announcement on their Facebook from CrossFit WIT in London. At the announcement, Castro was joined by some of CrossFit’s elite athletes including Tia-Clair Toomey, Dan Bailey, Scott Panchik, and Lucas Esslinger.

As it turns out, 18.0 will be an additional workout, but not connected with the regular Open (as stated by CrossFit in the comments section). Castro led off the announcement by stating the workout is a classic CrossFit couplet with a 21-15-9 structure. The couplet’s movements will be the dumbbell snatch and burpee.

18.0 Workout Couplet Details

For Time
Reps: 21-15-9
Movements: Dumbbell Snatch + Burpee
Dumbbell Weight: Men: 50 lbs & Women: 35 lbs

This workout may not seem all that shocking, but there’s a catch. Castro also included a few new movement standards in this workout for the dumbbell snatch and burpee.

New Dumbbell Snatch Movement Standards

Last year, an athlete had the ability to switch their hands on the dumbbell while it was overhead in-between reps. For 2018, Castro has announced that an athlete must bring the dumbbell below eye level before switching their hands in-between reps.

New Burpee Movement Standards

In addition to the dumbbell snatch being slightly re-worked, the burpee also had a change in its movement standard for this workout. An athlete must set the dumbbell down next to them in the direction they’re facing and jump over as so. For example, the dumbbell will lie in the same direction you’re standing (aka parallel to your foot), and you have to complete the jump over the dumbbell with the foot completely parallel/in-line with it before doing so.

Castro also pointed out that if at any point an athlete steps back or forward during the burpee portion, then they’re technically doing the workout scaled. The Rx’d burpee entails an athlete jumping back, and then jumping forward to count one rep.

Feature image screenshot from CrossFit Facebook page.