BREAKING: Eddie Hall Wins Four-Peat at Britain’s Strongest Man

The Giants Live Britain’s Strongest Man event just wrapped up in Doncaster, England. This event is known for bringing out out some of the strongest athletes in the sport, which includes Englishman Eddie Hall.

Unfortunately we couldn’t be there to cover the action, but thanks to Instagram and athletes who are friends with BarBend in attendance, we found some great clips and got insights from those who were there. This year Hall was aiming for his four-peat and dominated the competition with another first place finish. Second place was held by Laurence Shahlaei, while Graham Hicks came in third.

Hall had a total of 69 points, which earned him the first place position over second who had 54.5 points. Hall took second in three events including the shield carry, yoke, and stones, earning him 11 points for each second place finish.

He finished first in the other three events (12 points each), including the front hold, safe press, and to no surprise the 350kg deadlift. The video below highlights Hall going head-to-head with Laurence Shahlaei (hit 5-reps) and dominating the deadlift event with a nine rep finish.

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Those nine reps looked easy for Hall and honestly I think he had more in the tank. It will be interesting to see what numbers Hall puts up as 2017 goes on.

Another first place event that Hall honed in on was the safe press where he nailed 12 reps. The video below shows Hall dominating the safe press with his 12 rep finish; he makes these presses look easy and performs them with great speed.

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Another event Hall excelled at, but finished second in was the shield carry. Hall came in as a close runner-up to first place with a 52.82 meter distance. First place was held by Mark Steele who hit the full 60 meter distance, so Hall was less than 10 meters from a fourth first place event.

Hall crushed Britain’s Strongest Man for the fourth year in a row. This is exciting news as Hall continues to strive for this year’s World’s Strongest Man title.

Every year since Hall has finished first in Britain’s Strongest Man, his rank has continued to increase in the World’s Strongest Man. Could this event be a first good sign and suggestion of what to expect for Hall’s 2017 competition year?

Feature image from @conor_c_92 Instagram page.