Survey Finds the Average American Spends Over $100k On Fitness In Their Lifetime

How much do you spend a month on your fitness? This could include things like gym memberships, supplements, equipment, meals, and so forth. A little over a week ago, the supplement company MyProtein posted an interesting report suggesting how much Americans spend on fitness.

The results? They’re kind of surprising, but will most likely not surprise many enthusiasts. Strength sports have been becoming more popular in recent years, along with the fitness industry as a whole. In MyProtein’s report, they surveyed 1,350 Americans between the ages of 18-65 in regards to how much they’re spending on fitness each month.

MyProtein found that the average American is spending roughly $155.00 a month on fitness, which they split across five sub-categories. These categories include: Supplements, gym memberships, personal training, meal planning/nutritional advice, and gym clothing. Within this $155.00, MyProtein took it a step further, and averaged out how these five categories were split. Check out how the five categories averaged out below.

Fitness Category  Average National Spending (1/mo)
Supplements $55.95 (36%)
Gym Membership $34.34 (22%)
Personal Training $13.83 (9%)
Gym Clothes $33.89 (22%)
Meal Plan/Nutritional Advice $16.92 (11%)


MyProtein then took that $155.00 and factored it in to an average American lifespan, which currently sits at 78-years of age. So how much was it? The lifetime average they found is more than what most people spend on their college tuition, and equates to roughly $111,554.48. Keep in mind, someone’s monthly fitness expenses will most likely decrease and fluctuate during different stages of life, and so forth.

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In the report, MyProtein also pointed out fun facts about each state, and highlighted which states spent the most on fitness, such as Oregon, California, and New York. Keep in mind, these are average numbers pulled from MyProtein’s survey, so there could be some bias to their findings.

How much do you spend every month on your fitness?