Hafthor Bjornsson Is Getting Scary Close to His 1,000 lb Squat Goal

In another impressive squat video, Hafthor Bjornsson, aka “The Mountain” is taking another step closer to reaching his 1,000+ lb squat goal. In early October, Bjornsson projected that we’d be seeing a 1,003 lb squat in the near future. His original claim came in an Instagram video’s description stating, “Squat. 350kg/770lbs 3reps. Today is a good day! @australianstrengthcoach @thorspowergym who believes in 455kg/1003lbs squat soon? Raise your hand if you would like to see me squat over a 455kg/1003lbs!”

Now a little over a month later, Bjornsson just hit a 440kg (970 lb) squat, which is only a mere 30 lbs off his original projection. Check out his latest squat video below where Bjornsson writes, “My new PB Squat 440kg/970lbs. This is the heaviest squat in Icelandic history.. 1000lbs getting closer!! Who said tall guys can’t squat.”

Bjornsson’s depth and speed both looked pretty good, and hitting another 30 lbs shouldn’t be an unrealistic feat before 2017 finishes. How far could Bjornsson potentially push Iceland’s highest recorded squat?

In addition, what’s always impressive about Bjornsson’s heaviest squats is the exact point he calls out in his description, which is how tall he is. Every squat, this 6′ 9″ professional strongman has a crazy amount of ground to cover to hit proper depth.

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On top of his crazy squat strength, Bjornsson is also pushing his deadlift to new feats. In one of his Instagram posts from the last month, he hints at taking a run at Eddie Hall’s 500kg deadlift world record in the 2018 season. Check out Bjornsson’s last deadlift video highlighting a speedy 350kg (770 lb) 2×2 deadlift session.

To be honest, it’s no longer a question of if Bjornsson will hit the 1,000+ lb squat, but a question of when. It’s only been a little over a month since he first projected this epic strength feat, and he’s only off goal by 30 lbs.

Could 2018 be the year Bjornsson turns the Thor non-believers into believers?

Feature image screenshot from @thorbjornsson Instagram page.