Hafthor Bjornsson Deadlifts 822 Pounds for Reps in New YouTube Video

Checking in on the defending Arnold Strongman Classic champ.

Two-time and defending Arnold Strongman Classic champion Hafthor Bjornsson has shared a new YouTube video which shared details of one of his latest training efforts on the road to the 2020 ASC in Columbus, Ohio.

Taking place at his “Thor’s Power Gym” in Iceland, Bjornsson begins the training with the deadlift. After several warm-ups and build-up sets, Bjornsson eventually performs two top sets of two reps each with 373 kg (822 pounds). The reps appear to be easy for him to perform but this is the heaviest weight he would use on this day.

The title of the video will also gain attention. “Deadlifting Over 500 kg/1,102 lbs. in 2020?” is an indication that Bjornsson still wants to be the man that breaks Eddie Hall’s world record lift that he made in 2016.

He is using a custom bar that is supposed to be similar to the Elephant Bar that Rogue provides for the ASC to use in that event. No competitor has his own version of the actual bar that will be used in the contest so they have their own bars made that they can train with in hopes that the training will be as close as possible to the actual lifts performed in competition.

As for the rest of the session, Bjornsson moves on to the bag toss where he throws the bag over the rail to the second story of his gym. He says that he performed six sets of tosses. This is followed by loaded carries on his turf for several sets as well.

Next, Bjornsson and his partners perform a medley of movements including a heavy ball/stone press, a weight to platform movement, and a shield carry for 2 reps or laps each. Bjornsson uses a 95 kg (209.5 lb) stone, a 134 kg (295 lb) stone for the platform, and a shield with a total weight of 130 kg (286.6 lb). He actually failed to lift the 134 kg stone to the platform.

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He is successful on his second round with this as well as the other movements.
Bjornsson has stated that he feels good where he is at this point in his training and preparation. If he is to win his third straight ASC in 2020, he would be the second man to accomplish the feat, joining Zadrunas Savickas who won six in a row from 2003-2008.

Featured Image: Instagram/thorbjornsson