Hafthor Bjornsson Deadlifts 390kg for a Speedy Five Reps

Professional strongman Hafthor Bjornsson, aka “The Mountain”, has taken little time off from training heavy after the holiday season. All throughout this fall and winter Bjornsson has been on a war path to improve his compound movements. His latest video shows even more of the deadlift progress Bjornsson has made this offseason.

In his video shared earlier today, Bjornsson crushes a a 390kg (859 lb) deadlift for a quick five reps, which is one of the heaviest 5-rep deadlift sets he’s shared on his Instagram page to date. Bjornsson writes in the video’s description, “390kg/859lbs for 5 reps today. Feeling fit. Feeling strong.”

We’d have to agree that Bjornsson is looking both fit and strong(er) these days. This deadlift is nowhere near Bjornsson’s 1-RM, but it’s a pretty significant set nonetheless.

Back in September, Bjornsson shared a video deadlifting 340kg (well, what looks like, we’ve attached the video below) for an easy five reps, while stating one of his 2018 goals is to attempt a new deadlift world record. In that post’s description Bjornsson states,  “Easy work today! I got big plans for 2018.. Working towards new world record… #OffSeason”

We’re less than three months later and Bjornsson is working 50kg higher for his five rep deadlift sets. To top it off, there wasn’t too much of a speed difference between each video, so we’re curious what his top 5-RM set would look like.

On top of Bjornsson’s solid deadlift progress and goals, we wanted to share some of his recent strong lifts on the bench press. Obviously, the bench press has nothing to do with a deadlift world record, but we felt his recent paused bench video was worth mentioning, and it was a good demonstration of the strength Bjornsson has put on this off-season.

Check out Bjornsson’s bench video from last week highlighting a 210kg press with a pause for 3×3. Also, check out the time Bjornsson benched 200kg for an easy 10 reps back in April.

With 2018 right around the corner, we’re excited to see what Bjornsson ends up doing when the professional strongman season gets back into full swing.

Will he claim the 2018 World’s Strongest Man title? Time will tell!

Feature image from @thorbjornsson Instagram page, and video taken by @kelc33.