Hafthor Bjornsson Squats 925 lbs, Another Step Closer to 1,000+

Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson is currently on a war path. Over the last few months, Bjornsson has been gunning for a 455kg (1,003 lb) squat. It all started on October 4th in one of his Instagram post’s descriptions.

In his October 4th squat video Bjornsson wrote, “Squat. 350kg/770lbs 3reps. Today is a good day! @australianstrengthcoach @thorspowergym who believes in 455kg/1003lbs squat soon? Raise your hand if you would like to see me squat over a 455kg/1003lbs!”

And now less than two weeks later, Bjornsson has taken another step closer to his 455kg squat goal. This time he’s moving weight that’s not incredibly far off of his number, so the speculations can now turn into predictions. Not around the idea of if he can, but when he will. Check out Bjornsson’s latest 420kg (925 lb) squat video below.

This is a new personal best for Bjornsson, but is it an absolute best? We don’t think so. The weight moved relatively well, and it appears that he has much more in the tank. This video definitely opens up the forum for a few new questions.

  • How much more can Bjornsson put up right now in his current state of training?
  • Will Bjornsson hit his 455kg goal by (or even before) 2018, and if he does, will he stop there?
  • Is Bjornsson’s newly acquired focus on static strength improvement all to dominate the 2018 Professional Strongman circuit, or is there another plan on the side?

Besides his recent focus on increasing his squat’s max, Bjornsson has also taken a few jabs at attempting the deadlift record in 2018. Check out his easy 400kg deadlift from four days ago.

In his post’s description he writes, “Here you have a 400kg/880lbs deadlift to complete a successful training week. Very pleased with how things are progressing. First time I’ve done 400kg squat and 400kg deadlift in the same week.”

Two 880 lb compound exercises in one week is crazy when you factor in the amount of total loading that is on the body. We don’t know about you, but with every day that passes, and every video shared, we’re beginning to gain more faith in what to expect from Bjornsson in the near future.

Feature image screenshot from @thorbjornsson Instagram page.