Hafthor Bjornsson Isn’t Playing Around In His 2018 “Road to the Arnold” Video

“Ah..sorry. Actually I was looking at my time and it’s time for food right now, so I have to stop this interview. We’ll be back soon,” Hafthor Bjornsson says halfway through his second Rogue Fitness 2018 “Road to the Arnold” video.

As noted above, this is Bjornsson’s second time being featured by Rogue Fitness in their “Road to the Arnold” videos. If you’ve seen both, then you may feel the same way about this, but in my opinion the look and feel between the two videos are very different.

In 2017, the video follows Bjornsson throughout his day-to-day and focuses on things like his dog, his meals, and Iceland. Obviously, there’s a ton of mention around his training and the 2016 Arnold in the 2017 video, but not to the degree in the 2018 video. Yes, this year’s video does talks briefly about Bjornsson’s personal life and side projects, but even then there’s a much more “business” feel.

Check out the 2018 “Road to the Arnold” video below.

In hindsight, all of this makes sense when you consider Bjornsson’s competitive 2017 year and his latest social media posts. It’s no secret that he didn’t have the 2017 he hoped for, and his been on a mission to dominate 2018 ever since.

“Last year, I pulled 420 kilograms, two weeks out from the Arnold for two reps. That was my heaviest deadlift for how we strong guys do it. Now, I’m 5-weeks out from the Arnold Classic and I’m pulling 440 kilograms for two reps, so I’m a lot stronger now than I was last year coming into the Arnold Classic,” Bjornsson says.

Also, let’s not forget about Bjornsson’s easy 455kg deadlift from about a week ago.

“What’s the record? 468kg? I think I can take that record,” Bjornsson says after his featured heavy deadlift set.

What are your thoughts? Is 2018 Bjornsson’s year?

Feature image screenshot Rogue Fitness YouTube Channel.