Jason Legrand Quietly Broke the 242 lb All Time Squat World Record

Jason “Hulk” Legrand just hit a huge powerlifting accomplishment, and it almost went under the radar in the community. And thank you to Wesley Colston for bringing this strength feat to our attention. Over the weekend, Legrand competed at the 365 Strong Powerlifting Federation’s Women’s and Men’s National Championships. This year’s Nationals were held in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 28-29th.

Legrand competed in the 242 lb weight class with knee wraps and put up a huge 2,103 lb total, which is only 107 lbs shy of Dan Green’s current world record. What got the ball rolling for Legrand’s meet was his third 410kg (903 lb) squat that earned him the new 242 lb all time world record (with & without knee wraps).

Check out his world record squat below. Do you think he hit the depth to claim the new world record?


In Legrand’s Instagram post description he writes, “Words cannot begin to describe how extremely happy I am with this HUGE accomplishment I achieved this weekend. I weighed in at 235.8lbs which is very light for 242lb class, almost 7lbs. There were so many emotions before attempting this, but I thanked the Lord for afterwards for giving me such motivating and uplifting people around me to keep me calm and focused.

I couldn’t be more thankful that @norrisstrong was there to give me all the key components I needed to make this lift possible. Nonetheless he did an outstanding job wrapping my knees perfectly and that @ransonlee was able to assist pulling everything together for me.”

He finished the description by discussing that this was only his third meet, and he has a lot of room to grow. Legrand missed both of his third attempts in the bench and deadlift, yet still managed to hit a 462 lb bench, and a 738 lb deadlift. Had he completed successful thirds, then he would have only missed Green’s all time world record total by 59 lbs.

Legrand is only three powerlifting meets into his career, and is proving that he’s capable of accomplishing some pretty big feats. It’s going to be exciting to see how he progresses and grows in the sport and his weight class.

Feature image screenshot from @hulklegrand Instagram page.