Jenn Rotsinger Smashes the World Total and Squat Records at 50kg Bodyweight

While there were a ton of historic performances at the Boss of Bosses IV meet this weekend, Jenn Rotsinger was making her own world records at the Treasure Coast Classic in Florida. She added two more world records to her name, utterly shattering the previous world record total — her own — by over 33 pounds.

Weighing in at 50.6 kilograms (111.5 pounds), she squatted 162.5 kilograms (358.3 pounds), benched 92.5 kilograms (204 pounds), and deadlifted 190 kilograms (419 pounds) for a total of 445 kilograms (981 pounds). For her -52kg weight class, this amounted to an all-time world record squat and total.

She fought for that one!

In a Facebook post, she thanked her coach Trevor Jaffe and wrote a short recap:

I had lofty goals for this meet, some of which I achieved and some I fell short. I weighed in at 50.6 (111.6) and squatted 162.5 (358.25) for the ATWR in sleeves, benched 92.5 (203.9) on my second (missed my third), and pulled 190 (418.88) on my second for a 445 (981) ATWR total.

I “attempted” 200 on my third for the 1k total, but somebody glued it to the floor. I won’t have another chance to increase my total until next year, so I hope it stands for a while.

The previous squat record had stood for over three years, when Rotsinger made a 154.5-kilogram (340-pound) squat that you can see, in not-great quality, at a RAWU event below.

The last time we wrote about her was when we were covering her own USPA meet called “The Jenn,” or the 2nd Annual Jenn Rotsigner Women’s Empowerment Weekend. It took place in Tampa this June and she floored us when, in a lift-off with Complete Human Performance’s Trevor Jaffe, she was able to deadlift triple bodyweight… for twenty-three reps.

She also holds the total world record with wraps: 460 kilograms (1,014 pounds), which she achieved just this past April at a USPA meet, according to Powerlifting Watch.

In addition to being a world class elite powerlifter, she coaches at Complete Human Performance, co-owns the Gorilla Bench Training Center in Clearwater, Florida, and is also a working microbiologist.

Featured image via @jrotsinger on Instagram.