Powerlifter Jesus Olivares Annihilates 302.5kg/667lb Squat for 8 Reps

Huge volume set by Olivares as he aims for a 1000kg total.

Jesus Olivares is a 21 year old powerlifter who vaulted back into the competitive scene late last December with a huge win at the USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Winter Iron Open in the super heavyweight division (120+kg) after being on hiatus for approximately four years. Here were his stats from that event:

  • Squat: 340kg/749.5lb
  • Bench Press: 215kg/474kg
  • Deadlift: 347kg/766lb
  • Total: 902kg/1989lb

That 902kg total is significant because it comes within striking distance of a big 2020 goal Olivares has declared for himself: a 1000kg total. With only seven weeks before his next meet, Olivares has been applying some impressive volume training into his routine. Check him out squatting 302.5kg/667lb for eight reps with relative ease below from his Instagram page:


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“Plenty left in the tank!”

For context, Olivares’ competition personal record squat is the 340kg/749.5lb he lifted at the USAPL Winter Iron Open. Depending on how much “plenty left in the tank” means with nearly two months left before he attempts a 1000kg total, odds are Olivares will clear that milestone and then some.

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Despite how smooth his squat is moving, Olivares’ bench press might be his most improved lift. His competition PR is, as you might have assumed, is the 215kg/474kg press from the USAPL Winter Iron Open. Watch the video of him below perform his third three second paused rep using a barbell loaded with his competition PR weight:


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Let’s think super conservatively and assume that Olivares will match his competition PR squat and bench press at his meet. He might hit a 1000kg total simply by how much he has improved his deadlift.

Check out this massive 380kg/837lb deadlift that Olivares pulled last week; keep in mind it is 32kg/71lb heavier than his competition best:


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It’s worth keeping an eye on Olivares. We are excited to watch him put up a 1000kg total and hear what goal he will set for himself next. 

Feature image from Jesus Olivares’ Instagram page: @megatronus_65

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