Daniel Bell Makes Powerlifting History Again, Hits Biggest Total In Knee Sleeves

This was an absolutely legendary performance.

Over the weekend, Daniel Bell once again made history with another legendary performance on the powerlifting platform. At the RPS hosted Sarasota Showdown, he casually broke the all-time total world record in sleeves that was previously held by Ray Williams — and mind you — this is only three months after he broke the all-time total world record in wraps

Bell now commands the two biggest all-time world record totals in raw powerlifting, a feat that is incredibly rare in the sport, especially with the timeline in which he completed them. In addition to this insane accomplishment, Bell is also the first athlete to squat over 1,000 lbs and deadlift over 900 lbs in sleeved competition, as Dylan Hellriegel was the first athlete to complete with feat in knee wraps last March. 

His lifts were absolutely legendary, check them out below. 

  • Squat: 455kg/1003lbs
  • Bench: 262.5kg/578lbs
  • Deadlift: 410kg/903lbs
  • Total: 1127.5kg/2485lbs ATWR

Shout out to the @powerliftinglegends Instagram page for sharing all of the highlights from Bell’s latest performance. 


How Athletes Responded

Bell now holds the two biggest totals in powerlifting history for both sleeves and wraps, here’s how athletes responded on the @powerliftinglegends’ video above. 

Eric Lilliebridge, elite powerlifter, Holy shit man that’s amazing! 1,003 squat in sleeves + 903 deadlift and a new all time world record total in sleeves. You now hold the biggest total in wraps and sleeves in powerlifting history. The new king of Raw Powerlifting

@narcisefitness, powerlifter and strength athlete, First the ATWR in wraps, now sleeves, when’s the last time someone did this? If ever? I know Eric Lilliebridge did it for the 308 class. I think it’s safe to say that Dan Bell’s the strongest powerlifter in the world right now, no question.

After his latest legendary performance, Bell now holds the two biggest totals ever put together in raw powerlifting. Now we have to ask, is he the current kind of raw powerlifting?

Feature image from @powerliftinglegends Instagram page.