Jolaine Undershute Is the West Regional’s Most Underrated Story

Jolaine Undershute isn’t new to CrossFit Regionals, and 2016 will be her sixth year competing at that stage of competition. But while many saw the Canada West athlete’s name toward the top of the leaderboard coming out of the Open — she finished sixth in that Region — there hasn’t been a lot of fanfare around her qualification. But here’s a cool fact: At 44, Undershute is one of the oldest individual competitors at this year’s CrossFit Regionals competitions, and she’s only getting better. 

Undershute, who finished 2nd in the Masters Qualifier for her age group and already has a ticket punched to Carson, is often seen as a barbell specialist. And to be fair, she’s likely one of the strongest Masters in the game:

But while we’re not too worried about her on the barbell, there are some gymnastics movements that might slow her down a bit compared to her fellow competitors — some of whom are 25 years her junior.

We caught up with Undershute about her Regionals expectations and hopes for this weekend:

I’m a little more relaxed as I’ve already made it as a master. I was thrilled to place 2nd in the Masters Qualifier! My goal is just to have fun and do my best. I am just learning how to do strict muscle-ups, so event two is going to be a challenge. I’m praying I’ll get four.

There are countless great stories and athletes to follow this weekend, but if you’re watching the West Regional this weekend, pay attention to Undershute — and maybe cheer her on during the muscle-ups on Event 2. And if they make an appearance in the Masters division at the CrossFit Games, it’s a safe bet she’ll be a bit more practiced by then.