Jon North Back to Training, Full Olympic Lifts After Cardiac Arrest

When we last saw Jon North in early December, he was getting ready to perform barbell lifts for the first time since his late-September cardiac arrest. In an inspiring display at the Move Fast, Lift Heavy Invitational, North made his return to the platform by snatching 300 pounds.

Afterward, he joined our live stream of the event to talk about his continued passion for the sport of weightlifting, along with his plans to — slowly, surely, and steadily — make his return to competition.

Now, it seems North is feeling good in the gym, and he’s back to full snatches, squats, and back squats as evidenced in video from a late-December training session posted on his YouTube channel.

We’ve embedded the video below, but some highlights:

  1. At 5:36, North snatches a comeback PR of 140kg after several misses.
  2. Around 9:50, he clean & jerks a comeback PR of 165kg.
  3. Toward the end of the video, he also back squats up to 205kg.

From his video description:

3 Weeks back to full time training in prep for comeback after Cardiac Arrest at the Portland Zoo. Comeback PR’s today. Thank you to the Attitude Nation supporters and fans for all the love & support. It means the world. Myself and my family are truly blessed from all your prayers and kind words over the last 3 months. God is good. Life is beautiful. Thank you. Let’s attack 2017!

We — and many lifting fans — are wishing Jon continued health in his training. Will we see Jon North make a return to weightlifting competition in 2017?

Featured image: TheAttitudeNation on YouTube