Katie Anne Squats 405 Pounds at a Bodyweight of 72 Kilograms

Katie Anne is a powerlifter and IFPA Natural Figure Pro who has been taking her squats very seriously. The 2015 USAPL Raw Nationals 72kg Junior National Champion just posted the following video to her Instagram as she prepares for the 2017 Arnold Classic: an extremely impressive squat of 405 pounds (183.7kg) at 72kg bodyweight.

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Four plates is no joke for anybody, though our favorite part of the video is the look of sheer ecstasy after she completes the lift.

Her full name is Katie Anna Rutherford, and along with tips like skincare for athletes and motivation tips, her popular YouTube channel has documented her entire journey toward her squat PR, which included a set of ten 315-pound (142.9-kilogram) squats, which we’ve embedded below.

Although she competes as a figure athlete, Rutherford has said in the past that her number one love is strength training. “It’s just you versus the weight,” she told Bret Contreras. “Not much subjectivity to the sport.” She does note that although she is a “dual athlete” in this regard she avoids any form of cardio. (Unless you count sets of more than eight reps.)

Rutherford is planning to compete at the Arnold Classic next week, and it looks like she’ll finish in better standing than at last year’s event. At the 2016 Arnold Pro Raw Challenge, she successfully squatted 375 pounds (170kg) but was red flagged for her third attempt, a 396.8lb (180kg) squat, for failing to achieve depth. (In the opinion of the judge, in any case.)

You can see the “failed” squat below.

At the same competition, she went on to bench 171 pounds (77.5kg) before failing her second attempt and deadlifted 408 pounds (185kg) for a total of 953 pounds.

We wish the best of luck to Rutherford at the 2017 Arnold – we think she’s got some serious PRs in her future.

Featured image via @katieanne100 on Instagram.