72kg Kimberly Walford Deadlifts 246kg (542 lbs) to Seal First at USAPL Nationals

When Kimberly Walford steps on the powerlifting stage, then you can usually assume that a record is getting broken. She’s a legend in the women’s 72kg weight class, and has a list of powerlifting accomplishments that’s as long as most Thanksgiving shopping lists.

For example, she’s a 5-time IPF World Women’s Classic Champion, a multi-time USA Powerlifting Raw National champion (adding this year to the list), and continues to make her case as one of the greatest of all-time.

Yesterday, she competed in the Prime Time slot for the women’s raw 72kg weight class at the 10th Annual USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals. And throughout her performance she broke more than a couple records. Check out the videos below that cover her best squat, bench, and deadlift.

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Meet Overview

Walford weighed in at 70.91kg (156 lbs) on the day. Throughout the meet, she ended up going 9-for-9, and recorded an epic 546 Wilks score.


Her fantastic meet started with a strong squat. Walford finished her third attempt hitting a 188kg (414 lb) squat. This squat tops the previous record by 2kg, which she previously held, and had set back in 2014.


Walford’s bench may not be at record breaking status, but it’s a strong lift nonetheless. She finished her bench attempts hitting a clean 115kg (253 lb) press, aka 1.6x her bodyweight.


It could be argued that Walford’s deadlift is one of the strongest pound-for-pound lifts in all of women’s raw powerlifting. To finish her day, she hit a 246kg (542 lb) deadlift, which tops her previous American record by 3kg that she set earlier this year. On top of that, this lift is an unofficial world record.


If you set two records in one performance, then there’s a pretty good chance you’re breaking the total record as well. Walford ended her day with a 549kg (1,210 lb) total. This tops the previous American record by 7.5kg, which Walford also set earlier this year. In addition, this total is an unofficial world record total (topping her record by 9kg).

Feature image screenshot from @trackfu Instagram page.