Mark Bell Says What’s On Every Strength Athlete’s Mind

Mark Bell hits home in his last video titled, “Why I Will NEVER Stop Lifting.” Strength athletes and professionals are unlike others for a lot of reasons, and I think the most fundamental reason is what Bell so eloquently sums up.

It’s what I do. This is what Mark Bell does. This is what I love to do. 

And it’s exactly that. It’s easy for those out of the industry to be confused by the torture those in strength sports seem to continually put themselves through, but that’s never the point. The point is that we do it for the love, we do it because like skydiving, or any other adrenaline producing activity, it’s what makes us feel alive.

This is a thankless sport, and the only thanks you get is a pat on the back.

When you find what you’re most passionate about in life, let’s deem it – your calling – there is no end game. Yeah…we have goals and make milestones along the way, but those aren’t endings. Those are only pit stops that provide us with direction to our next destination.

You see, when you truly love what you do like Bell says, you don’t do it for the fame, money, or attention. You do it because it’s who you are. Most strength athletes and professionals are in this sport for one reason: To transfer knowledge, energy, and advice for the greater good. Bell talks about always striving to be on the front line for those he continues to come into contact with and influence. The quote below from about 10:53 minutes into the video hits the nail on the head.

People are always so overwhelmed with the act of trying to get better that they are paralyzed by it, they end up sitting on the couch and complaining. Complaining about this and complaining about that, when they could simply get up and work towards a goal. Those people don’t have what we have, those people are not made out of something different, those people are not training. And it’s our job to pick those people up off the couch and get them inside the gym, so they can experience the great things we’re experiencing.

Whether you’re an athlete or strength professional, you’re here for a reason. You’re here because passion has brought you. You found a love that extends past your own personal self and is meant to be shared with others. Hats off to you Mark Bell – for expressing what so many professionals have in their minds, but can’t put into words.

Go forth and be strong.

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