Motivation: 58 Year Old Mark Solomon Hang Snatches 113kg

Mark Solomon, 59, is a personal trainer and strength coach at Buffalo BarBell Club based in Buffalo, NY. On top of his coaching, he’s been a weightlifter for many years as well. At the young age of 59, Solomon continues to lift big weights and show off his impressive mobility.

One of Solomon’s lifting videos was recently shared on Instagram and is making the rounds/has the comments section in awe.

Solomon (58 years old at the time of video) proves age is just a number by performing a 113kg hang snatch highlighting his speed under the bar and his mobility.

This video is epic for multiple reasons, not just Solomon’s age. First, Solomon’s speed under the bar is impressive, not considering he’s on the Masters side of competition. Second, he has great mobility and strong torso angles. Third, he finishes the lift by yelling a profanity and smiling at the camera. These all are ingredients to make for a great video.

At the most recent Arnold Classic, Solomon, now 59, competed in the Arnold Weightlifting Championships and recorded some impressive numbers. He snatched 105kg and clean & jerked 117kg, which earned him a 222kg total.

Solomon also currently holds two Masters records in the 55-59 age division. His American Nationals record was set in November 2014, and was a 112kg snatch in the 105+kg weight class. For his second and most recent record, Solomon hit a 110kg snatch for the Pan American 105+kg weight class in June 2015.

The video below features some of Solomon’s training footage and includes a few records set in the last few years. Check out Solomon’s 130kg power clean & jerks and 180kg back squat.

When it comes to a successful lifting career most athletes argue that longevity is the best determinate of success. Without a doubt, judging by that standard, Solomon has had more than a successful career.

At 59 years old, Solomon continues to compete and improve his strength, mobility, and speed. If you’re ever in need of motivation, check out Mark Solomon’s lifting.

Special thanks to @Everyday_Lifters Instagram page for finding and sharing Solomon’s video. 

Feature image from @everyday_lifters Instagram page.