Mart Seim Squats 210kg for 20 Reps, Plus Other High Rep Lifts

If you’re ready to feel winded with an indirect quad pump, then check out the video below of Estonian 105kg+ weightlifter Mart Seim squatting 210kg for an easy 20-reps. Besides hitting 462 lbs for the easy 20-reps, what’s possibly the most impressive part is that Seim doesn’t even look winded after the 20th rep.

On top of that, his tempo never slowed and he hit ample depth with every rep.

If you’re already a Seim fan, then more than likely not surprised at this lightweight 20-rep video. After all, Seim maximally squats 400kg (880 lbs) and makes it look easy without a belt too.

To put the 210kg in perspective, if we say 400kg is his absolute max, then 210kg is only 52% of Seim’s 1-RM weight, which is absolutely insane thinking about. Check out the video below of Seim’s 400kg beltless back squat from February 2016.

But Seim’s cardio squat isn’t the only high rep lift he’s recently shared on his social media. He’s also posted upper body cardio lifts, check out his casual 70kg strict press for 33 reps below.

Seim’s recent high rep lifts remind us of other cardio videos we’ve written on in the last few months. Let’s not forget the time that Davon Mahon’s squatted 180kg for 42-reps back in December.

20-reps is impressive, but 42-reps seems to be on another level. That’s more reps than most people perform in a single workout with all of their working sets for a movement combined.

Yet, what’s better than 42-reps? What about Freddi Smulter’s 130kg 48-rep bench press. He performed this back in April, and made the 130kg look like a warm-up.

Granted, Smulter does, and has held IPF equipped bench press world records, so it’s not terribly surprising he can rep 130kg like it’s a bar.

The final video we’re going to include in this high-rep cardio article comes from Juggernaut Strength Coach Chad Wesley Smith.

Smith is known for his epic squat strength, but did you know he’s also repped 227.5kg for 22-reps in one minute?

Feature image screenshot from @martseim Instagram page.