Marte Elverum Deadlifts a World Record 550lbs at 2019 IPF World Open Championship

Marte Elverum reclaims the -72kg deadlift world record with a massive 550 lb pull!

The official results from the 40th International Powerlifting Federation World Open Championships for the women’s -72kg weight class are in and Marte Elverum of Norway raises the bar, so to speak, once again.

You might remember when Elverum claimed the equipped world record with her 248.5kg (546lbs) deadlift back in 2017. That record was later upended at the IPF World Open Championship that same year by United States’ Priscilla Ribic’s pull of 249kg (548lbs). Ribic took the gold overall in that event; one place above Elverum.

When Elverum competed in the 2018 IPF World Open Championship, she attempted the 249.5kg deadlift for her second and third attempts and failed both. She finished with the bronze.

On her way to an eventual second place finish at this year’s IPF World Open Championship, Elverum pulled a new world record deadlift of 249.5kg (550lbs) equipped in the 72kg class.

Elverum posted the video of her world record lift on her Instagram page where she thanked her team and supporters. In the clip, her pull is smooth at first, and she locks out both legs before some struggle sets in. However, she drove through and floor and hoisted the weight to the top — despite nearly getting held up at a sticking point. Fully aware that she just broke the world record again, she rushes back to her coach to celebrate.

Watch the full video for yourself:

Elverum’s first appearance in the IPF World Open Championships was back in 2013 where she placed just outside the podium in 4th place. In 2014, she bombed out after failing all three bench press attempts of 122.5kg (270lbs). She then came back in 2015 with a vengeance to claim the bronze.

She ran the bronze back again in 2016 where she set the continental record for United States for her deadlift in the -72kg class with a 240kg (529lb) pull.

In Elverum’s Instagram post, she expressed her thoughts on the event and her new world record saying:

This was fun!

Featured image from Marte Elverum Instagram page @frkelverum