Marte Elverum Deadlifts 248.5kg (546 lbs) at 72kg and Sets IPF Record

Yesterday, Norwegian powerlifter Marte Elverum set a new women’s IPF deadlift world record. She competed at the 2017 Wroclaw World Games at a bodyweight of 71.6kg in the women’s heavyweight division.Β Elverum pulled 248.5kg (546 lbs) equipped, which will now top the previous record that was set by Priscilla Ribic at 248kg.Β 

On the day, Elverum came in fourth based off of her Wilks score, but put up the third highest total out of her division’s competitors. Her final lifts stood at a 242kg squat, 140kg bench, and 248.5kg deadlift, which earned her a 631kg total.

Check out her epic world record deadlift below.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Elverum and learn a little bit more about her deadlift, what’s next, and what originally got her into lifting.

1. How long have you been chasing this record? Did you plan on breaking it at the World Games?

Elverum: I’ve been aiming for that for a little while. My goal was to try for it at Orlando (Open Worlds 2016), but when the platform was so slippery I could barely hold on to 240kg, and I had to secure that third place for a ticket to the World Games.

Then, I was determined to get it at the European Open in May, but I fell on my ass twice when lifting 240.5kg easily because the platform was uneven. If everything went well at the World Games like it did, then my goal was to go for it there.

2. How was your prep leading up to this meet? When you were peaking, did you realize you were in world record breaking territory?

Elverum: I didn’t have much preparation for the World Games actually. I came from Europeans in May and June, so training up to the World Games was pretty short, but good. I didn’t lift very heavy, so I wasn’t sure how my strength was and if my shape was peaked. But I guess it was, good programming!

3. How does it feel to now hold an official IPF World Record? What’s next?

Elverum: So awesome! I’m not sure if I’ve realized how big it is yet. That record has been standing for quite some time too. It feels great.Β I’ve said for a while now that I’ll break it, so finally doing so is surreal.

Now I’m going to keep training hard to get a better total and up that record. I almost pulled 250kg at Nationals, but lost my grip at the top, so I know the power was there for me theoretically.

I set myself a life goal in 2010 to pull 250kg, and I’m closer than ever now.

4. Off topic, how long have you been powerlifting and what originally got you into it?

Elverum: I’ve been powerlifting since 2008. The first two years I only did raw, and tried to combine it with doing Brazilian Jujitsu. I started powerlifting because I was doing MMA and mostly sparring with guys, and I felt so weak going against them.

I thought I had to be the weakest girl ever, so I wanted to lift weights and get stronger for fighting. But in 2010, I injured myself, so I couldn’t train Brazilian Jujitsu anymore, but I could lift. This led me to lifting more seriously, and making the National team in 2011. I’ve been here ever since.

Feature image from @frkelverum Instagram page.Β