Powerlifter Aysha Haley Moves Big Weight, Deadlifts 195kg for Four Reps

California based 67kg powerlifter Aysha Elayan (Haley as per her Instagram) has made her way into another article with a monstrous deadlift set rep PR. In late May, we wrote about one of Haley’s big deadlift sets, which turned heads all throughout the strength sports social media world, and now we’re writing on her impressive deadlift yet again.

From her latest Instagram video shared yesterday, Haley moves 195kg (430 lbs) for a big four rep PR. This PR comes nearly a month after her first four rep deadlift set that we mentioned and linked above. At the rate she’s going, could we see Haley crack the 227kg (500 lb) milestone by the end of 2018 or early 2019?

Check out her latest 195kg (430 lb) four rep squat below.

Obviously the jump from 195kg (430 lbs) to 227kg (500 lbs) is sizable, but the set above only builds to Haley’s tenacious deadlift strength. And as of right now, Haley’s best deadlift in competition is 210kg (463 lbs) and she completed this feat in early February 2018.

Since, Haley’s pulled the 200kg (440 lb) milestone for multiple reps and shared a hard fought double about two weeks ago. Check out the 200kg (440 lb) double below.

In Haley’s video’s description she writes, “440×2 displeased with this because it should have been easier and I wanted 3. NOTE TO SELF: never sniff ammonia for the first time on a heavy deadlift day. Felt like my eyes were bleeding and I was having an aneurysm”

Currently, Haley is about 7-weeks out from her next meet. We touched on it briefly above, but her last meet was in early February and hear she totaled 454kg (1,003 lbs) at a bodyweight of 66kg (146 lbs). 

At this meet, she not only topped the 1k total milestone, but also pulled her 210kg (463 lb) deadlift PR. Judging from her latest set, we may be in store for another lifetime PR from Haley very soon.

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Feature image from @ayshahaley Instagram page.