Powerlifter Dan Green Tears Bicep, Withdraws from Meets

Powerlifter Dan Green has announced that he’ll be withdrawing from the March Madness meet he planned to compete in at the end of the month. In his latest Instagram post, Green shared that he had ruptured his bicep tendon and would need surgery to repair it. He states in his post that this injury came back in the summer of 2017 and had apparently never healed.

He writes on his Instagram photo, “The thrilled look on your face when you rupture your bicep tendon and have surgery to look forward to and not a competition… I’d originally injured what I thought was just my forearm deadlifting in the summertime, and lifted in straps to let it heal, but evidently it didn’t and was actually the biceps and the MRI confirmed as much. Swipe right ➡➡for some excitement”

*Viewer be warned, the video to the right can be pretty unsettling.*


This is a tough break for the “The Boss” Dan Green, as his last two competitive years he’s been dealing with injuries. In late January last year, Green underwent surgery to have a partially ruptured quad tendon repaired, which requires months of rehab before an athlete can return to 100%.

[Bicep tears aren’t incredibly common, but they can happen. Here are a few ways to proactively prevent them!]

Over the course of 2017, we got to see Green build back from the ground up and he has been making some seriously impressive gains over the last few months. In his latest videos, his squat is back over 350k (771 lbs) and his deadlift is stronger than ever.

To provide some context, at the 2018 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, Green deadlifted a massive 408kg (900 lbs) in the Animal Cage….beltless. Check it out below.


As an elite athlete, we’re confident we’ll see Green back in no time putting up his routine impressive strength feats. Until then, we wish him a speedy recovery and a smooth surgery.

Feature image from @dangreenpowerlifter Instagram page.