Powerlifter Daniella Melo Pulls a Smooth 495 lb Deadlift Triple

It hasn’t taken long for -84kg powerlifter Daniella Melo to get back under and over the bar to perform impressive strength feats. About a month ago, we wrote on Melo’s strong performance at the USA Powerlifting SBD Pro American Invitational in Columbus, Ohio, at the 2018 Arnold Classic.

In her latest video, Melo is pulling a weight for a triple that she had been chasing for quite some time in lead up to the 2018 Arnold Classic. The long and epic “roadto500” is no more, and now Melo is pushing for a new goal, which she has set at a staggering 550 lbs.

Check out Melo’s latest deadlift video below in which she writes, “495lbs x3 PR. Happy Easter mi gente, hope everyone has a beautiful day!”

At Melo’s last meet, which we mentioned above, she claimed first for the -84kg weight class and finished with some monstrous competition PRs. In addition to her PRs, she unofficially broke two -84kg IPF world records, one of which she already holds. To conclude her meet, Melo squatted 490 lb (222.5kg), benched 270 lb (122.5kg), deadlifted 501 lbs (227kg), which earned her a 1,261 lbs (572kg) total.

For context in regards to the unofficially broken records at Melo’s last meet. Her 490 lb squat tops her current 455 lb (206.5kg) IPF world record by a huge 35 lb margin, and her total exceeds the current record of 1,185 lbs (537.5kg) by 76 lbs (34.5kg).

Although, Melo’s deadlift isn’t the only impressive she’s shared recently. Three days ago, she shared this grueling set of nine-rep squats. In her Instagram video’s description Melo writes, “175kg / 385lbs for easy 9s with Danny Devito & @bamaburr. Best squats have felt since the Arnold.” Take note of where she says, “Easy 9s“.

Judging from her latest videos and previous meet, we’re going to take a guess that some of the current -84kg IPF world records may not stand to see the end of 2018. We’re pumped to see what Melo puts together the next time she steps on the international stage.

Feature image from @daniellamelo Instagram page. 


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