Powerlifter Heather Connor Makes a 4x Bodyweight Deadlift Look Easy

Powerlifter Heather Connor is moving big weight as she preps for the 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships!

Powerlifter Heather Connor has been absolutely crushing big weight in her latest training videos. Connor, a seasoned 47kg/103 lb athlete, has her sights set high as she preps for the 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships being held June 3rd-15th in Helsingborg, Sweden.

In Connor’s latest Instagram video she deadlifts a smooth 184kg/405 lb single at 44.6kg/98 lbs bodyweight. Why is this deadlift single so huge? Well, besides being a deadlift that’s 4.1x Connor’s bodyweight, it’s also 8.5kg over the current IPF classic world record. This is an absolutely huge feat of strength because Connor still has plenty of time to prep and fine tune her lifting before heading to Sweden in a little over two months.

Check out the monstrous deadlift video below!

The current -47kg IPF classic world record is held by Connor and she set that record back in 2017 when she competed at the Arnold Classic Grand Prix. In respects to the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, Connor didn’t compete in Calgary, Canada last year, yet she’s no stranger to dominating on the world-level platform. In 2017, Connor took home first place at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships by closely edging out Swedish powerlifter Stina Akermalm.

Despite not attending IPF worlds in 2018, Connor had a remarkable competitive season. In March, Connor took home first place at the SBD Pro American competition, which was held at the Arnold Sports Festival. On top of her first place finish at the meet, Connor also pulled 182.5kg/402 lbs for an unofficial world record and became the first IPF raw powerlifter to pull 4x her bodyweight. Check out that video below.

Then in October, Connor competed at the 2018 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals meet and took home first place in the -47kg weight class.

If we know one thing for certain, it’s that Connor is consistent with her performances and she’s only gotten stronger since the last time she competed on the IPF world stage. Will she break her current IPF classic world record? The signs are pointing in the right direction.

Feature image from @heather.e.connor Instagram page.

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