Powerlifter Ida Ronn Defies the Odds to Bring Home World Championship Title

Ida Ronn shocks the crowd with a legendary performance.

Swedish powerlifter Ida Ronn stunned the crowd and her competitors after her third deadlift attempt at the 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships.

Competing in the women’s -72kg junior weight class, Ronn had her work cut out for her at this year’s World Championships going up against some of the world’s top juniors like USA’s Kloie Doublin and Canada’s Nada Hassan. Ronn and Doublin were virtually neck-and-neck throughout the whole competition.

In the squat, both athletes went 3 for 3 and Ronn positioned herself with a mere 2.5kg lead ahead of Doublin with a 185kg third attempt squat. However, this would soon change, as one of Doublin’s main strengths on the platform is her bench press, so it was her chance to make up ground on Ronn.

On the bench press, Doublin went 3 for 3 and finished with a 118.5kg junior world record, while Ronn only successfully made two of her attempts and finished with a 105kg lift. At this point, Doublin was in the lead by a strong 11kg heading into the deadlifts, and this is when things got interesting.

Doublin completed her 197.5kg opener with no issues, and Ronn, no stranger to pulling big weight, opened with a strong 210kg. Ronn’s 210kg opener earned her the lead once again, but by only 1.5kg. On her second attempt, Doublin completed a successful 210kg deadlift, and took back the lead by 11kg — once again.

On Ronn’s 222.5kg second attempt, she missed the lift due to what looked like a strength issue.

At this point, the tide had shifted and Doublin had a major opportunity to capitalize on her third. Doublin called for 212.5kg on the bar and made the lift to earn herself a 513.5kg junior world record total.

However, we’re not done yet.

Ronn needed what seemed like a miracle, she was down by 13.5kg and just missed her second deadlift around the knees. On her third attempt, she called for 225kg on the bar, a lift that is 2.5kg heavier than what she had just missed on her second.


During the lift, fans everywhere held their breath. Ronn ended up completing the lofty 225kg deadlift and sealed herself with the win and a new 515.5kg junior world record total.

Hats off to both Ronn and Doublin for the epic battle they put on. I think it goes without saying that the -72kg junior women’s weight class definitely brought a ton of excitement to the platform.

Featured image from @idaaronn Instagram page.