Powerlifter Keith Correa Shows Off A Smooth 650 lb Deadlift Triple

At 23 years-old, Keith Correa is displaying serious deadlift strength during training!

It’s been awhile since we’ve written about what powerlifter Keith Correa has been up to, and his most recent lift most definitely caught our attention. Correa is arguably best known for his deadlift strength, and he just smoked a new triple PR.

Correa, a 23 year-old powerlifter based in Hawaii and California, recently showed off an impressive 650lb deadlift triple on his Instagram page. Correa powered through this triple during his training session at the California Elite Training Center.

He wrote,“First time banging pound plates in a minute.” While this 650 lb triple is more than impressive, Correa is no stranger to pulling big weight.

Last year, Correa blew us away with a massive 666.9lb deadlift in the 148 lb weight class at the USPA Kern US Open. For the majority of 2018, Correa was floating between the 148 lb and 165 lb weight classes. For example, he competed in the 148 lb weight class at the 2018 Kern US Open, but most recently competed in the 165lb weight class at the 2019 Kern US Open.

From what we can tell, it looks as though 165 lbs is probably more reflective of where Correa is currently at.

This year at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation’s (WRPF) Kern US Open, Correa deadlifted a massive 700 lbs. He also totaled 1581.8lbs bringing home third place, compared to last year’s 1499.1 lb total.

Check out his performance at the Kern US Open in April below.

In 2018, Correa told us he was deadlifting anywhere from two to three times a week, and based off his Instagram video posting frequency, this year it appears as if his deadlift training has stayed relatively consistent.

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We’re not sure what big meet Correa will be attending next, but with a new 650 lb deadlift triple PR, it’s fair to assume that he’s after some seriously big numbers in 2019.

Feature image from @itschiefkeith Instagram page.