Powerlifter Sean Green Deadlifts a Massive 415kg (915 lb) Double for a PR

Powerlifter Sean Green’s recent deadlift videos are making their rounds in the strength community. Two days ago, Green shared a video highlighting a massive 415kg (915 lb) deadlift PR, and if the weight wasn’t impressive enough, he pulled this lift hookgripped from the floor.

Currently, Green is about six weeks out from his next meet, which is the IPL World Cup being held in Salt Lake City, Utah at the 2018 FitCon Expo. It’s going to be exciting to see where Green takes his numbers next as he continues on in his meet prep.

Check out his Instagram video below where in the description he writes, “915×2 PR!! Hand Slipped at the Top on the 2nd Rep by Still Counting.”

If you don’t follow Green on social media, then you’d probably not guess that he’d only started really training hookgrip style conventional deadlifts in November 2017.

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In fact, his first hookgrip PR was from mid-November when he pulled (309kg) 681 lbs. From his video’s description below Green writes, “Off Season Starts Today Trying Hook-Grip for the First Time it felt a little strange but I Really like It First PR!! 681”

In less than five months Green has improved his hookgrip deadlift capability by over 100kg and for multiple reps. It’s going to be interesting what he can pull come meet day in six more weeks. Could he be the next athlete to pull 400kg+ (880 lbs) in competition?

Green’s last formal competition debut was at the 2017 SPF Reebok Record Breakers Meet. He competed raw in the +110kg weight class and finished with a 2,005 lb (910kg) total. At this meet, Green finished fourth in his weight class with a 350kg (771 lb squat), a 210kg (462 lb) bench, and a 350kg (771 lb deadlift).

At the 2017 SPF Reebok Record Breakers Meet, Green didn’t finish the day as he’d like and acknowledged he had much more in the tank. We’re pumped to see what he can do and record at the 2018 FitCon Expo.

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Feature image screenshot from @seandgreen Instagram page.