Powerlifter Tom Kallas Grinds for an Epic All-Time World Record Squat

Earned not given, that’s probably the best way to explain powerlifter Tom Kallas’ latest all-time world record squat (with & without knee wraps). It always seems like whenever we cover an all-time world record lift it goes either two ways: The weight moves crazy quick and it looks easy, or it’s an epic battle between man versus weight, and Kallas’ latest record was a perfect example of the later.

Over the weekend, Kallas competed in the 198 lb weight class at the UPA War of the Demigods powerlifting meet. In an attempt to push his current all-time world record a bit further, Kallas called for 370.5kg/816.8 lbs on the bar. This feat, if successful, would push Kallas’ current world record a pound heavier, and boy did he earn this one.

In the first part of Kallas’ Instagram video’s description he writes, “This is a new all-time world record for the 198 lb class I hit 816.8 lbs! One pound over my old world record. This was every thing I freaking had.

This was for the late nice squat session, every late night up working or with kids and not sleeping for the half the meet prep. This was after two weeks of 16 hour days at work. And I still showed up and grinded my way to a new world record. I missed my opened of 738. Came back smoked it and made the decision of jumping 80 pounds, luckily it paid off.”

Earlier this year in March, Kallas competed at the APF Illinois State Meet and initially shattered Alekseyev Vyacheslav’s 198 lb all-time squat world record by four pounds when he squatted 369.7kg/815 lbs

Breaking an all-time world record twice in a year is no small feat, so we’re pumped to see what Kallas can accomplish in 2019 with more training and recovery. Will he able to push his record even further at his next meet?

Feature image from @tomkal1 Instagram page.