5 Best Prehab Exercises for Strength Athletes (with Joe Yoon)

Any strength athlete can benefit from adding these movements to their routine!

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Looking to improve your mobility for better weightlifting, powerlifting, and more? Joe Yoon (better known as @JoeTherapy) joined us to demonstrate his 5 favorite prehab mobility exercises for strength athletes. 

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1. T-Spine Opener with Foam Roller

Whether you’re pressing overhead, swinging from the rings, or trying to build a stable base for front squats, thoracic spine mobility is hugely important for strength athletes of all types. In the video above, Joe walks us through the proper way to use a foam roller to open up the t-spine. I’m personally guilty of making the mistake Joe warns against in the beginning of the video, so this was incredibly helpful in improving my own movement practice!

2. The Shin Box

Shin box drills have become increasingly common as a part of warm-ups for many types of athletes; CrossFitters may have first encountered them in class when prepping for back squats or weightlifting movements. Joe walks us through a basic shin box drill. 

3. Cat Cow

More thoracic spine work — noticing a trend? This two-birds, one-stone movement can be done anywhere and gives the athlete a fantastic feel for an restrictions they’re experiencing in the t-spine and midline. 

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4. Kneeling T-Spine Extension

And finally, one last t-spine opener. This movement is especially good at targeting the lats, an area where countless lifters struggle with tightness and poor mobility. Joe gives us a few variations to challenge your sticking points and improve positioning overhead. 

5. Ankle Opener

This simple ankle opener is a classic, and for good reason. Joe gives us some tips and thoughts on what to avoid when it comes to stretching the ankles.

Sets and Reps

Finally, Joe walks us through how to get the most out of each movement and then wraps up by explaining some simple ways you can fit these into your regular training routine!