Ray Williams Just Squatted Insane Weight for a Double

Look, there’s not a whole lot more we can say about powerlifter Ray Williams without sounding like a broken record. On October 16th, Williams became the first person to squat 1,000 pounds raw and without wraps, hitting an immense 1,005 squat at USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals.

He also benched and deadlifted through the stratosphere, setting new American Records in the squat and total. Because it was a national meet, those numbers don’t count for world records — but we have a feeling Williams is gunning to hit them in international competition soon enough.

So, less than three weeks after his historic Nationals, Williams is at it again, squatting 935 pounds for a DOUBLE. Check out the lift below.

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It has to be a good feeling when you need powerlifting greats Mark Bell and Kevin Oak to spot your training lifts. One of the highest combined spotter totals of all time? We think so.

Here’s another angle of William’s 900+ pound double. It’s the heaviest raw squat for reps we’ve ever seen.

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Featured image: @oakstrong on Instagram