Need Motivation? Watch Jennifer Millican’s 2017 Road to the Arnold

Rogue Fitness has released their second video featuring the “2017 Road to the Arnold” theme. This time their athlete of choice is female powerlifter Jennifer Millican, who’s a -57kg USAPL raw national champion.

Jennifer Millican is relatively new to the powerlifting scene, but a force nonetheless. Her first USAPL meet was in December of 2015, then her second was nationals. At Nationals (her second USAPL meet ever), Millican claimed first for the female -57kg raw open class, set two raw American records, and won best lifter overall.

After her first place nationals finish, she was then invited to compete this year in the Arnold. Millican will be competing in the Arnold Powerlifting Grand Prix among some of the top competitors in powerlifting.

This video is great on so many levels. It’s not over the top or overly hyped up, it’s a description of Millican’s day to day and how she ties training into her busy life. Personally, I think that’s what makes this video so relatable. A lot of strength athletes give their heart and soul into training and competing, but for the love, not the end game.

Millican talks about how she wakes up at 3:45 a.m. everyday to get her lift in before the day truly begins. After training she goes to her full-time job, picks up her kids after, then goes home to wind down the evening before the next 3:45 a.m. wake up.

She states in the video that she has two goals for the Arnold.

1. To not be so conservative with her attempt calls.

2. Total over 1,000 lbs or more.

Millican concludes the video with a quote that should shed a little insight into what we can expect for her future in the sport, “I promise you, I’ve explored the depths of my mind trying to figure out why the fire of powerlifting won’t die. There have been times when I wanted it to. I’m like I need to go home, I need to clean my house, I need to do yoga, but I can’t. It just won’t die. I love competing. I know I’m not done, I know I haven’t reached the ceiling.” 

It’s going to be an exciting meet watching Millican leave everything she has on the platform. She’ll be competing along side some of the best women in powerlifting.

Can Millican make this another record breaking meet?

Feautre image screenshot from Rogue Fitness YouTube channel.