The Powerlifting Results From This Year’s Special Olympics USA Games

Many may have not realized it, but the Special Olympics USA Games recently concluded in Seattle, Washington. Every four years the Games take place, and this year’s iteration kicked off on Monday, July 2nd and ran through Friday, July 6th. Over 4,000 athletes from all 50 states were in attendance, and roughly 10,000 volunteers partook in the multi-sport competition-filled week.

Throughout the week, USA’s top Special Olympics powerlifting athletes faced off in their respective divisions in the hopes of walking away with a gold medal. Similar to other major powerlifting meets, athletes have the opportunity to compete in a single lift, a push/pull event (bench & deadlift), or complete a full power meet.

Check out the video below that highlights why Paula Houston, Director of Healthcare Equity for UW Medicine, on why she volunteered for the Games, along with additional lifting clips. 

Women’s Powerlifting Results

Throughout the Games, there were four women’s competitions that took place. Below we’ve included the top three athletes from each division and their respective totals.

Division F01

  • Rebecca Casselberry – 216kg
  • Madison Madory – 156kg
  • Jennifer Goodley – 142kg

Division F02

  • Michelle Athenas – 249kg
  • Jessica Ripley – 197kg
  • Pamela Stevens – 180kg

Division F03

  • Elizabeth Hubert – 234kg
  • Brittany Smith – 190kg

Division F04

  • Amanda Cayton – 328kg
  • Jody Davis – 310kg
  • Joni Talavera – 260kg

Men’s Powerlifting Results

For the male athletes, there were 12 divisions that included all three lifts, and below you’ll find the top three athletes from each division with their totals.

Division M01

  • Charles Lofton – 232kg
  • Mike Van Zee – 209kg
  • Jonathan Fisher – 135kg

Division M02

  • Charles Piantieri – 348kg
  • James Harmon – 303kg
  • David Hall – 295kg

Division M03

  • Jesse Wims – 303kg
  • Cameron Dittmar – 238kg
  • Andrew Stryzkalski – 145kg

Division M04

  • Mitchell Betsworth – 433kg
  • Micah Forrest – 380kg
  • Thomas Southard – 260kg

Division M05

  • Tristen Bresnahan – 438kg
  • Charles Phillips – 413kg
  • Rodnel Turner – 405kg

Division M06

  • Adam Pelkey – 443kg
  • Brian Beirne – 380kg
  • Mark Denardo – 340kg

Division M07

  • Caleb Cain – 443kg
  • Chandler Krahn – 388kg
  • Kelby Woolf – 290kg

Division M08

  • Joseph Morrill – 400kg
  • Aaron Fournier – 383kg

Division M09

  • Sylvester Vermillon II – 490kg
  • Dean Hall – 485kg
  • Kenneth Long – 308kg

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Maybe what’s important in life isn’t what you accomplish, but what you help others accomplish. I’ve coached CJ for almost 10 years and through 3 Special Olympic National Games (they take place every 4 years). CJ may not show a lot of emotion but upon talking to him you would have no doubt how much his lifting means to him. Today he competed for the first time since coming back from shoulder surgery. We weren’t sure how he’d do, but he finished the day with 3 golds, including the overall, and a silver in the deadlift. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of him. He may not fully understand what he’s overcome, but I do. Congratulations again CJ. #powerlifting #specialolympics #specialolympicspowerlifting #specialolympicspowerliftingcoach #specialolympicscoach #specialolympicsnationalgames2018 #orlandobarbell #teamorlandobarbell

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Division M10

  • Brandon Mize – 565kg
  • Seth Hanchey – 498kg
  • Zues DeVose – 470kg

Division M14

  • Wyatt Bader – 403kg
  • Lorn Mangrobang – 335kg
  • Brian Pittman – 313kg

Division M17

  • Steven Kryspin – 558kg
  • Anthony Borreggine – 365kg
  • Mark Schuster – 365kg

Featured image from @jymadventures Instagram page.