Strongwoman Nadia Stowers Matches Bag Over Bar World Record at 2021 Rogue Record Breakers

Stowers successfully tossed a 40-pound bag over a 15-foot bar.

Strongwoman Nadia Stowers successfully tossed a 40-pound bag over a 15-foot bar to match the bag over bar world record at the 2021 Rogue Record Breakers (RRB) event. The RRB competition was part of the 2021 Rogue Invitational weekend on Oct. 29-31, 2021, and featured six events. Qualified athletes flew to the Dell Diamond stadium in Round Rock, TX, to rewrite the record books with their names etched in.

Only one world record was set at the RRB — a 300-pound lift in the Thor’s Hammer event scored by 2019 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Martins Licis, who also emerged victorious as the inaugural Rogue Invitational strongman champion. However, Stowers’ successful 40-pound bag toss matched the world record heading into the event, held by Hannah Linzay. Check out Stowers world-record matching toss in the video below, courtesy of her Instagram page:


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Stowers bag toss world record stands out as she stands at just five feet, five inches tall. That means that she threw the 40-pound bag nearly three times her height.

This 5’ 5” tiny, TIED the world record by the towering Hannah Linzay on the first try!

Stowers mentioned in the comment of her Instagram post that her training with 40-pound bags never saw a successful toss. It was an “adrenaline rush” to score the record-tying toss on her first try on competition day. Stowers did attempt to exceed the world record with a 45-pound bag but narrowly missed it.

Nadia Stowers World Records

2021 has been quite the year for Stowers and the record books. Competing in the under-82-kilogram weight class (Middleweight Division) at the BIG Speed and Strength gym in Fontana, CA, she broke the log press and axle deadlift world records in the 2021 Static Monsters Worldwide (SMWW) competition.


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A post shared by Nadia Stowers ‘STORM’🌪️🌪️ (@nadiastowers_bigstorm)

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Stowers confirmed that she would return to the RRB competition in 2022. The opportunity to secure her spot as the best in the world at a given event is “too fun to pass up!”

Featured image: @nadiastowers_bigstorm on Instagram