The 5 Most Beautiful Outdoor CrossFit Boxes in the World

We’re not sure what it is, but here in the BarBend offices, we’re feeling a little restless. Maybe it’s the constant New York City construction and traffic (so…much…honking), or maybe it’s because the only nature we’re surrounded by is our sad little office plant that’s unsuccessfully trying to soak up all the rays from a computer monitor.

All we want in life is a nice palm tree and a squat rack. Is that too much to ask?

Since teleportation is not yet a reality (come on science, it’s 2016…do better), we’re daydreaming about far away places where the air is crisp and the only noise is the comforting clang and bang of weights. Until we get that teleportation machine, we’ll have to settle for fantasy, but these are the top five CrossFit boxes we’ll be dreaming about.

1. S2S CrossFit Bali

Located right next to a paddy field and just a few minutes away from Bali’s iconic beaches, S2S CrossFit Bali is Indonesia’s first CrossFit affiliate. The teeny tiny box with an outdoor area is literally surrounded with ferns and palms, which as far as we can tell, makes thrusters far more pleasant. Not only that, S2S CrossFit Bali has some serious talent. One of their coaches, Zach Morton-Adair, recently competed as an individual at the 2016 Pacific Regionals.

2. Kilauea CrossFit

Perhaps slightly easier to travel to than Bali, Kilauea CrossFit — located in Kilauea, Hawaii — somehow makes us want to work out in the rain. With ample indoor space and an outdoor area surrounded by palm trees and kegs, Kilauea CrossFit is basically our heaven. Amusingly, it is also secluded enough that they created their own video directions because Google street view hasn’t made its way there yet.

3. CrossFit Boracay

As far as tropical CrossFit boxes go, CrossFit Boracay takes the paleo cake. The beachside box located on the island of Boracay in the Philippines is literally a thatched hut. The pull up bars are constructed between palm trees and made of bamboo. We’re going to say that again: the pull-up bars are made of bamboo. Take our money.

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4. CrossFit East Rocks

And then there’s CrossFit East Rocks, located in the woods in Dunbar, Scotland. The entirety of CrossFit East Rocks is outdoors, with nothing more than a few shipping containers and a single barn roof for coverage. According to their website, they train all year in all weathers, which is quite the accomplishment given that Scotland isn’t the warmest place.

5. Annie Thorisdottir’s Backyard

While not actually a CrossFit box, Annie Thorisdottir’s backyard is basically domicile #goals. Technically the summer house belongs to Annie’s parents, but seeing as their daughter is the Dottir to end all Dottirs, it made sense that they plopped a rig right in the middle of the Icelandic terrain. We want to go to there.