How to Watch CrossFit Open 18.3 Announcement (Plus Current Leaderboard)

Brace yourselves, because the third week of the 2018 CrossFit Open is here and workout 18.3 is set to drop tonight. The announcement will be streamed live tonight at 8 pm EST from Skyline CrossFit in Houston, Texas. If you tune in tonight, you’ll get to watch multi-time CrossFit Games athletes Kyle Kasperbauer and Neal Maddox face off head-to-head. Last year, Kasperbauer took home first, while Maddox claimed second in the 2017 CrossFit Games 35-39 age group.

If you want to watch the announcement live tonight, check out this link

Last week’s 18.2 & 18.2a two-part workout involved a heavy strength focus (max clean), which was a complete 180 compared to workout 18.1’s endurance based 20-min AMRAP. It’s going to be interesting to see what Dave Castro has up his sleeve this week. If we had to guess, this week’s workout will involve some high-skill task, maybe gymnastics?

After two weeks of workouts, the leaderboard has shifted multiple times, especially after some 18.1 scores were disqualified. Check out the top ten male and female athletes after the first two CrossFit Open workouts in the individual Open age categories below.

In addition to placings, we’ve included the top five athletes in each category’s scores for the first two workouts, so you can see how you stack up to the current leaders!

Top 10 Men After Two Weeks

1. Mathew Fraser: 18.1: 4th (476-reps), 18.2: 52nd (4:02), 18.2a: 21st 380 lb

2. Alex Vigneault: 18.1: 11th (472-reps), 18.2: 252nd (4:18), 18.2a: 17th 382lb

3. Anthony Davis: 18.1: 62nd (457-reps), 18.2: 226th (4:17), 18.2a: 10th 387lb

4. Piotr Szczycinski: 18.1: 144th (448-reps), 18.2: 73rd (4:05), 18.2a 120th 364lb

5. Michael Palomba: 18.1: 20th (466-reps), 18.2: 308th (4:20), 18.2a: 26th 377lb

6. George Sterner
7. Willy Georges
8. Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire
9. Alexandre Caron
10. Gena Malkovskiy

Top 10 Women After Two Weeks

1. Cassidy Lance-McWherter: 18.1: 87th (396-reps), 18.2: 7th (3:59), 18.2a: 52nd 243lb

1. Carolyne Prevost: 18.1: 35th (407-reps), 18.2: 20th (4:12), 18.2a: 91st 238lb

3. Emma Ferreira: 18.1: 23rd (409-reps), 18.2: 28th (4:16), 18.2a: 97th 237 lb

4. Kara Saunders: 52nd (402-reps), 18.2: 69th (4:27), 18.2a: 31st 248lb

5. Emma McQuaid: 18.1: 25th (408 reps), 18.2: 32nd (4:17), 18.2a: 98th 237lb

6. Ehea Schuerch
7. Jadzia Truszkowski
8. Gabriella Migala
9. Annie Thorisdottir
10. Rachel Garibay

Feature image from @crossfitgames Instagram page.