18 Year Old Weightlifter Harrison Maurus Squats 275kg (605 lbs) for Big PR

Teenage weightlifting phenom Harrison Maurus continues to leave us in awe with his static and dynamic strength.

Yesterday, Maurus crushed a strong 275kg (605 lb) back squat PR, which features an impressive lifting milestone, aka the joining of the 600+ lb squat club. In his video’s description Maurus writes, “PR Back Squat single at 275kg (605lbs)! First squat I’ve ever done above 600! Weighed 83.2 this morning”

Check out his strong lift below.

Back in January, we wrote about one of Maurus’ clean triple PRs, and included some notes from an interview posted around the same time that he did with Barbell Shrugged after the 2017 IWF World Championships. Within their interview, Maurus jokingly mentioned that he wanted to squat 300kg (660 lbs) in the future, and possibly by the end of 2018.

We’re not saying this feat will come easy, but the squat above is a great suggestion of what’s to come. Not to mention, this was a great PR by definition with virtually no form breakdown, so 300kg (660 lb) may be on the horizon sooner than we think.

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This is our second time writing about Maurus within the last week. Two days ago, we wrote about his new PR training total. For this total, Maurus snatched 155kg and clean & jerked 200kg for a 4kg PR total of 355kg.

This total is huge, as it’s only 7kg shy of Kendrick Farris’ current 362kg American record, in addition to topping Farris’ Junior record by 2kg.

After breaking USA’s medal drought at the 2017 IWF World Championships in the -77kg weight class, Maurus and his Coach Kevin Simons made the move to up a weight class to -85kg. Since then, Maurus has become the youngest American weightlifter to clean & jerk 200kg in competition, and continues to push the limits for what he can handle.

Feature image from @harrison_maurus Instagram page. 

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Jake Boly

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