Weightlifter Loredana Toma (71KG) Snatches 121KG In World Championships Training Hall

Toma is making a home of her new weight category.

Things are starting to heat up. On Dec. 2, 2022, Romanian weightlifter Loredana Toma hit a new all-time personal record snatch 121 kilograms, or 266.7 pounds. Toma, who is bulking up to the Paris-recognized 71-kilogram weight class, is clearly putting her new body weight to good use. She’s currently sitting around 69 kilograms of body weight. 

Check out her personal record lift below, courtesy of the Weightlifting House Instagram page. Keep reading to find out what this means for the as-of-yet unclaimed 71-kilogram World Standard.

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Note: Women’s weightlifting bars like the one Toma uses in the video above weigh 15 kilograms, rather than the 20-kilogram bars used by male athletes.

Toma is currently training for her upcoming appearance at the 2022 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Weightlifting Championships (WWC). This year’s Worlds, held in Bogotá, Colombia, kicks off on the 5th of December and runs through the 16th of the month. 

Toma’s Lift in Context

Toma’s 121-kilogram snatch is undeniably impressive, but understanding why takes a bit of context. Not only is it the highest snatch she’s performed on video, it would also be an unofficial World Record in the 64-kilogram class, where she’s competed almost exclusively since 2018.

However, Toma is in the process of departing her home category and moving up in anticipation of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, which will hold a 71-kilogram Women’s event. According to the IWF’s athlete database, Toma has competed once at 71 kilograms in 2019, snatching 113 kilos at the time while weighing about 68 kilograms. 

No weightlifter has claimed the 117-kilogram World Standard benchmark in the class since it was established four years prior: 

World Records & World Standards

  • 64KG World Record snatch: 117KG | Deng Wei (CHN)
  • 71KG World Standard snatch: 117KG | unclaimed 

It’s merely a coincidence that the two records sit at the exact same weight. Wei, now retired, snatched her 117-kilogram record in 2019. Toma came close to claiming it, snatching 114 kilograms in 2021 at the European Weightlifting Championships. She has yet to set a World Record in the sport. 

For an athlete to claim the World Record, they must exceed the pre-existing Standard by a margin of at least one kilogram in competition. Since the 71-kilogram weight class has no official World Record snatch (as of Dec. 2, at least), Toma’s lift wouldn’t technically qualify. However, procedure aside, it’s clear she has the strength to claim the record on the platform.

World Records at the World Championships

Toma’s tremendous lift in the training hall showcases that she’s well-prepared for the upcoming 71-kilogram event in Bogotá and is fluidly transitioning from one competitive category (64 kilograms) to another.

The four-time European Champion competes on the 12th of December at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time against Tokyo Olympics silver medalist Kate Vibert, Pan-American Champion Angie Dajomes, Junior World Champion Olivia Reeves, among others. 

If you’re interested in tuning in to the competition in Colombia from the comfort of your own home, information about the event’s live stream as well as the full session schedule can be found here

Featured Image: @weightlifting_house on Instagram