Wes Kitts Unofficially Snatches New American Record (174kg)

Wes Kitts may still seem new to many in the American weightlifting community, but after an impressive career start followed by almost a year training at California Strenght, he continues to exhibit immense promise. Yesterday, the 105kg lifter took a run at the current American Record snatch in his weight class — and he hit it.

Yes, it’s a training lift. Yes, there might have arguably been a press out (a bit difficult to tell from this angle). But the fact is Kitts still took a ride with 174kg — 1 kg over Ian Wilson‘s current record — and hit it, without straps.

Take a look below.

Do you think Kitts can replicate this lift in competition soon?

At the 2014 Pan Ams, Wilson set his current record — his first Senior American record after a stellar Youth and Junior career — at 173kg (video embedded below). Wilson is on the road back to full training after a series of injuries and surgeries, and we look forward to seeing if he and Kitts — along with other American heavyweights like Donovan Ford and D’Angelo Osorio — can duke it out on the platform for bragging rights in the 105kg class.

Featured image: @cal_strength on Instagram