Yuriy Belkin Deadlifts 921 Pounds Weighing Just 223 — and Does It Beltless!

In a year filled with big pulls, this is one of the most ridiculous. Russian powerlifter Yuriy Belkin deadlifted 418 kilos/921 pounds at roughly 223 pounds bodyweight, which easily beats Konstantine Pozdeev’s 893 pull in the 242 pound class. Beklin didn’t cut the additional few pounds to lift at 220 — which may have seen him break Ed Coan’s longstanding record.

Video of the incredibly smooth, BELTLESS pull is below. If there’s one thing the Russians do well, it’s adding pyrotechnics into their powerlifting competitions.

According to Powerlifting Watch, this is the heaviest 4x bodyweight deadlift of all time. What really impressed us is the speed and smoothness of the pull — no question he had that weight, and with nearly 20 pounds to spare in his weight class, chances are Belkin could go heavier after a bit of a bulk (or maybe just a few sandwiches the day before).

Want to see some other big pulls? Check out our infographic on the heaviest deadlifts of all time. Belkin isn’t on it — yet — but if he cracks the the ranks, it’d make him the lightest athlete to do so by about 100 pounds.

Just add it to the growing list of insane powerlifting feats from Russia.