Biggest Lifts Week 3: Dan Bell Deadlifts 855 lbs, Jessica Buettner Reps 405 lbs, and More!

Every week, we're counting down our top five favorite lifts!

Each week we’re fired up by the big lifts we see. We see athletes across all the various strength sports putting up huge numbers, testing their limits, and crushing both personal and national/world records. We closed out September and kicked off October with some of our favorite lifts from September 29th through October 6th.

Keep in mind that these are only five of the big lifts that went down last week or so and we make this videos every week!

Now that you get the idea, check out what some of these athletes pulled off. Fair warning and just a small teaser we have one powerlifter crushing through 14 reps and another athlete blowing us all away with her clean & jerk performance. That is it for teasers though, check out the full video and big lifts below:

Here’s a breakdown below of this week’s top five lifts!

5. Dan Bell, Powerlifter

Elite powerlifter Dan Bell shared a smooth pull with 855 pounds for one rep in his latest video. He also added that his grip felt great, and it looked strong! 

4. Kristy Hawkins, Powerlifter 

Hawkins, who is a multi all-time world record holder, showed a massive squat with 230kg/507 pounds for a triple!

3. Yangsu Ren, Powerlifter

In Yangsu Ren, or the self-proclaimed ‘Deadlift Panda’s, recent Instagram post, he shared a solid 815 pound deadlift double!  

2. XIAOMAN Zhou, Weightlifter

Competing at the San Diego Open, Chinese weightlifter XIAOMAN Zhou put on a show with her impressive 172 kilogram Clean & Jerk.

1. Jessica Buettner, Powerlifter

Elite Canadian powerlifter, Jessica Buettner just crushed a deadlift with 184kg/405 pounds for 14 reps. Check out that grip strength!

Now that we’ve cruised through five of our favorite lifts, be sure to check out some of the other lifts we still can’t get enough of from the last couple of weeks. Be sure to check back in every week for five more! And be sure to comment below if we missed anyone.