Kristy Hawkins Breaks Four All-Time World Records In One Meet

Over the weekend, powerlifter Kristy Hawkins had an absolutely phenomenal performance at the Slingshot Record Breakers meet. The meet was held at CSA gym in Dublin, California and hosted a ton of big named athletes. Hawkins took the platform in the 75kg/165 lb weight class and broke multiple all-time world records.

If you’re already a Hawkins fan, then you know when her name is in the headlines it’s for a very good reason. At this meet, Hawkins not only broke a world record in one lift or two, but she swept every current all-time world record that was previously set in the 75kg/165 lb weight class (most of which she held already).

To hold all of the all-time world records in a weight class is a feat that’s rarely accomplished in the sport of powerlifting, and it’s even more rare to see it done all at the same meet. Hawkins’ finished first in her weight class, no surprise there, and walked away with an epic 616 Wilks Score.

For her lifts, Hawkins finished with a 240kg/529 lb squat, a 150.5kg/331 lb bench press, and a 253kg/557 lb deadlift. All of these lifts combined earned Hawkins an all-time world record total of 643.5kg/1418 lbs. Check out her epic performance below. 

In Hawkins’ Instagram video’s description she writes, “This is actually the second time I’ve held all the world records in the 75kg/165lb weight class (I also have the wrapped squat and total) except the first time I didn’t even know I had the bench record. Also cool to do it all in one meet and win $4K for it.”

The fact that this is the second time Hawkins has held all of her weight class’s record is insane. Hopefully we continue to see her push her weight class’s record even further as we progress into 2019. Our question is: Can anyone challenge Hawkins and come after her throne?

Feature image from @kristy_hawkins Instagram page.