WWE Superstars Bobby Lashley and Sheamus Train Legs and Back On The “Celtic Warrior Workout” Channel

Sheamus and “The All Mighty” went head-to-head with an “Average Bob” workout.

Pro wrestler Bobby Lashley is a two-time WWE World Heavyweight champion, a three-time United States champion, an army veteran, and an undefeated Bellator fighter. Lashley competes under the moniker “The All Mighty” in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) due to his massive bodybuilder physique, but he doesn’t follow a typical weekly workout split. Instead, he utilizes a more instinctual training style that allows him to remain more in tune with his body.

I figured out my body. When it comes to working out…I like to take an assessment of my body, and how I feel and work out accordingly.

In a video published on Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube channel on Oct. 14, 2022, Lashley and Sheamus met up at the FITLAB Fitness Club in Manchester, NH, for a leg and back workout. Check it out below:

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Warm Up

Lashley led the opening of the workout with several rounds of 60-second wall sits. They placed their backs against a wall, with their legs at 90 degrees.

This will be my morning cardio.

Sheamus couldn’t help but laugh as Lashley held an entire conversation while performing the wall sits. Sheamus had to noticeably use much of his energy to maintain the static position.

Superset: Walking Lunges & Wall Sits

The first working movement for the pro wrestlers was walking lunges. As Lashley explained, starting at a depth that feels comfortable is optimal. Any aches or tightness that could limit the range of motion can likely be worked through as the body warms up

Once you feel good, start going lower.

The duo performed 10 sets of bodyweight walking lunges, completing 20 reps to two reps per leg in descending fashion. Lashley reminds viewers that this progression gets easier over time with consistent training. Little did Sheamus realize Lashley was still getting warm.

 This man’s insane, where’s the exit door?

The first set completed was 20 reps per leg, with each subsequent set decreasing until they performed a set of just two reps per leg. In between sets, Lashley and Sheamus returned to the wall for active rest via wall sits.

Wide Grip Pull-Ups

Next up were wide-grip pull-ups alternating grips between sets. Lashley explained their target of short reps for a more significant number of total repetitions.

We don’t want to burn ourselves out. I just want to do pull-ups to get to our goal.

There was no set number of reps for this exercise, as both athletes went by feel. Lashley decided they would complete 100 reps of various gripped pull-ups.

Giant Set: Lat Pulldowns, Single-Arm Cable Rows, Seated Rows, &Stiff-Arm Pulldowns 

After completing a warm-up that could have counted as the typical athlete’s workout, Lashley explained the goal was to perform a giant set of four different exercises for three to four sets with no rest between them. The rep scheme was 12 reps on the reverse grip lat pulldowns, standing single-arm cable rows (10 reps on each side), 10 reps of close grip seated rows, and 10 reps for the standing stiff-arm pulldowns.

Lashley believes an athlete’s fitness is gauged by how quickly they can recover between sets and workouts.

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Lashley and Sheamus’s Workout

Lashley believes you can tailor workouts to their desired lifestyle. While an unhealthy diet is not sustainable for achieving results in the gym, Lashley believes in compromise. Finding balance in and out of the gym is crucial to success in both places.

I hate when people restrict themselves to a lifestyle that’s not right for them. You want to put good food in your body, but you can afford to eat a cookie or two.

Below are the exercises Lashley and Sheamus performed in order during their workout:

  • Superset: Walking Lunges and Timed Wall-Sits
  • Wide Grip Pull-ups — Alternating Grip, 100 reps
  • Giant Set
    • Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns
    • Standing Single-Arm Cable Rows
    • Close Grip Seated Rows
    • Stiff-Arm Pulldowns

Featured image: @wwesheamus on Instagram