Former WWE Wrestler Braun Strowman Uses Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling to Get Lean

The former WWE Superstar is sporting a chiseled physique with visible abs.

On June 2, 2021, former strongman and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar Adam Scherr, who wrestled under the ring name “Braun Strowman,” was released from WWE. His release came unexpectedly to the WWE Universe — the moniker given for the company’s fans at large — following his six-year tenure with the company that peaked with a Universal Championship title run following his victory over wrestling legend Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 in March 2020.

Since leaving the squared circle of scripted promos, bodyslams, and backstage scenes that involved flipping ambulances, Scherr embarked on a journey to overhaul his physique. The former 400-plus-pound “Monster Among Men” is down a sufficient amount of weight and sporting a physique highlighted by a thick upper chest, boulder shoulders, and well-defined abs. On Nov. 1, 2021, Scherr took to his Instagram page to hit a most-muscular pose and tout his current fasted 351-pound frame and tease going on a cut. Check it out below:


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According to captions on a few of Scherr’s Instagram posts, he’s been hovering around the mid-300-pounds for bodyweight. His recent post teasing a cut shows he weighs 351 pounds and is noticeably leaner than his WWE days. That picture was taken after an 18-hour fast Scherr did to “reset [his] metabolism” after a presumably heavy cheat meal day.

Although his terminology of “reset” may not be entirely accurate, intermittent fasting has shown to be an effective way to drop weight. The science is there to back up the actual visual differences in Scherr’s physique. According to the Annual Review of Nutrition, “modified fasting regimens appear to promote weight loss and may improve metabolic health.” Additionally, it can influence circadian biology, the gut microbiome, and sleep. (1)

Scherr’s physique trajectory is apparently amidst a lean bulk. Two months after his release from WWE, he dropped to 343 pounds while eating just 50 carbs per day. Below is an Instagram post showing off his abs right before a “big refeed.” In the short-term, carb cycling, when combined with an exercise program, “may be an effective way to promote weight loss” without compromising the number of calories the body burns at rest. (2)

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Though Scherr told Wrestling Incthat he would retire from professional wrestling after his time at WWE, that no longer appears to be the case. On Oct. 2, 2021, he competed against wrestler EC3 at “Free the Narrative” on FiteTV and emerged victoriously. We’ll see how Scherr’s performance in-ring work evolves as his physique continues to change.


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Featured image: @adamscherr99 on Instagram