This Was Chris Bumstead’s Cheat Meal Day After Winning The 2021 Classic Physique Olympia

The three-time Classic Physique Olympia winner nom-nom'd on pancakes and pizza like a cheat meal champ.

One week after winning his third consecutive Classic Physique Olympia title, Chris Bumstead veered off his diet momentarily for one of his well-known “epic cheat meal days.” Before the 2021 Olympia, Bumstead’s diet was “super clean,” but with a third Sandow trophy on his mantle, he considered it time to indulge in the food cravings that have clung to his massive boulder shoulders and V-tapered lats.

Check out the video from Bumstead’s YouTube channel below, wherein he goes, for lack of a better word, H.A.M.:

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Chris Bumstead’s Cheat Meal Day

After leaning out via a strict prep consisting of cod, ground turkey, eggs whites, and protein shakes that almost pushed Bumstead to call it quits before the Olympia, the “number one thing” he craved was not one particular food, but a full meal from a specific restaurant — First Watch Breakfast.

First Watch Breakfast is a cafe chain with locations littered throughout the US. Bumstead reassured his million-plus YouTube subscribers that he would not go too crazy on this cheat day and would avoid dairy. Here’s what he ordered for breakfast:


  • Power Wrap without cheese:
    • Egg whites, turkey, spinach, and house-roasted crimini mushrooms in a sun-dried tomato-basil tortilla. Served with fresh fruit and a side of housemade pico de gallo
      • 610 calories
      • 39 grams protein
      • 13 grams fat
      • 82 grams carbohydrates
      • 1,370 milligrams sodium
  • One chocolate chip pancake
  • One pumpkin pancake
  • Coffee

A childhood giddiness crossed Bumstead’s face upon the arrival of his pancakes. He used his knife to brush smooth melted chocolate along the outside plate-sized flapjack. Chocolate chip pancakes were Bumstead’s go-to favorite Saturday-morning breakfast food.


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After finishing his breakfast, Bumstead made his way over to Dunkin’ Donuts. He scoffed at their offerings and proclaimed his love for Tim Horton’s — the “Dunkin’ Donuts of Canada” — before leaving without a purchase. 


Despite the letdown of not dunking donuts into his mouth, Bumstead remained in high spirits heading into the nearby Publix deli for a sub.

If you ask what my favorite food is — sandwich.

After a quick look in the pastry section and the lackluster donuts (absent the maple bacon flavor option) Bumstead engaged the sandwich chef behind the counter about the available bread:

  • One whole-wheat turkey sub
    • Lettuce, bbq sauce

While carrying his freshly made sub as though it were a child, Bumstead wandered down the cereal aisle with a wide-eyed whimsy. His tongue has not tasted the sweetened corn delight of a children’s breakfast cereal in two years but he remembers it fondly:

Cereal is like the second love of my life.

Ultimately, Bumstead decided against taking a box of cereal to the cashier, not because of anything calorie or macro-related, but because he couldn’t decide which one he wanted.

Banana Bread

The trials of finding worthy donuts grew Bumstead’s soul weary. However, upon return to his kitchen, he was greeted by the tempting scent of freshly baked banana bread forged by the hands of his girlfriend —and 2016 Bikini Olympia champion — Courtney King.

Once again, Courtney is the G.O.A.T.

In the oven, alongside the banana bread, was a cookie skillet — a baking skillet housing a giant homemade cookie. Bumstead cut it up as though it was a tray of gooey brownies.


What would a cheat meal day be without pizza? Bumstead shared that he has not indulged in the bready, cheesy goodness in over a year. That changed as he opened the doors of Blaze Pizza.

  • Build Your Own Pizza
    • Classic red sauce
    • Vegan cheese on half of the pie
    • Pineapple on half
    • Grilled chicken
    • Green peppers
    • Pepperoni
    • Onion
    • Oregano
    • Garlic

Bumstead knowingly took the gamble of potential followers lost en masse for putting pineapple on his pizza.

Sorry not sorry.

Bumstead pledged pizza as an off-season staple before heading back home.

Feasting for a Fourth Title

Bumstead’s cheat meal day was not as much of a splurge as one might expect from a strongman or famous actor, as he enjoys not feeling “bloated…crappy, or tired.” He announced that he would embark on a “more aggressive cheat day” in a give or take a month when his body is acclimated to consuming more food.

The three-time champion in the Classic Physique division will undoubtedly be hopping back on the meal prep train soon enough. Bumstead took home the title — and a hefty check — in 2021, but his competitors are hot on his heels

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