The Fourth Generation Iron Movie Is Now Available to Stream

"Natty 4 Life" is all about the "natty or not" movement.

“Everybody’s on steroids. Everybody.

It’s kind of the elephant in the room when it comes to professional sports and bodybuilding. It’s more or less common knowledge that, well, there are untested bodybuilding competitions for a reason. Nobody’s allowed to acknowledge it, of course. (It’s distasteful!) And look, we’ve got the natural bodybuilding competitions. We’ll keep the two approaches to the sport separate, we won’t make a big deal about it, and athletes can just choose where they want to compete.

“Or can they?” asks this new movie in the Generation Iron series, Natty 4 Life.  Here on BarBend we aggressively covered the trailer and release dates for Generation Iron 2 and 3 but we confess the release of Generation Iron 4 flew under the radar for us, and given the trailer currently has about 65,000 views whereas the trailers for 2 and 3 have about 1.4 million and 700,000 views each, respectively… it seems like Natty 4 Life might have flown under the radar for a lot of folks.

But here it is! And frankly, we’re surprised that the most notable film series in bodybuilding would dare to address such a taboo topic. Check out the trailer:

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As you can see, Mike O’Hearn features very prominently in this film. The 4-time Mr. Natural Universe winner insists he’s never taken steroids, making him the perfect subject for a documentary that’s, well, skeptical of how truthful these claims are. A look at the comments and the like-to-dislike ratio of the trailer on YouTube can give you an idea as to how the fans are responding.

We haven’t yet had a chance to watch Natty 4 Life but it’s available to watch here on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and Vimeo. It looks like Vimeo is the best option for international viewers who might not have the rights to watch it on other platforms.

Featured image via Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network on YouTube