Watch Julius Maddox Bench Press 615 Pounds for Seven Reps

Check out Julius Maddox's recent bench press PR!

It feels like just yesterday when powerlifter Julius Maddox broke the internet when he benched 610 pounds for 8 reps

Well, now he’s back at it again, but this time he just bench pressed an insane 615 pounds for 7 reps. 

Maddox recently broke Kirill Sarychev’s 308+ all-time world record bench press, when he bench pressed 739.6 lbs or 335.5kg for a new all-time world record. Maddox crushed this milestone at the Boss of Bosses 6 powerlifting meet in early September. Breaking Sarychev’s all-time world record had been a goal of his for quite some time. The day of the meet, Maddox had a close call during the re-rack as seen in the video linked below, but all ended up working out for him in the end when the 739.6 lbs was cleared.

So Maddox has been having quite the year. Bench pressing 615 lbs for seven reps was a new training PR for Maddox and he shared the video on his Instagram page.

Check out the lift below:

“Woo, that wore me out,” he said after finishing the set. “I counted seven.” 

Maddox moved the weight smoothly and it’s always exciting to see his videos from training because we never know what kind of big time bench press PR he’s going to hit next. Maddox commented under one of his recent Instagram photos that he currently trains bench twice a week. One day he usually benches heavier and the other is kept lighter. 

Earlier this month, he shared that he’s going to start working towards the goal of pursuing an 800 lb raw bench press, a monstrous feat that has never been performed. Since this announcement, he’s been curating his training around this lofty goal and is about a month into his latest training block.

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We’re excited to see what the next few months have in store for Maddox with his latest training goals. 

Featured image from @irregular_strength Instagram page.