Powerlifter Julius Maddox Bench Presses 610 Pounds for Eight Reps

Check out this astonishing feat of strength from the record-holding powerlifter!

Less than a month after setting a new American bench press record, super heavyweight powerlifter Julius Maddox has no interest in slowing down.

Maddox beat the American raw bench press record by 1.1 pounds this June and ever since, his performance is looking stronger than ever. His latest feat that’s tearing up Instagram: showing a bench press training session on his Instagram where he pressed 610 pounds for eight reps.

He wrote below his lift on his Instagram: 610lbs X 8 reps. Am I firing on all cylinders yet?


From the looks of this workout, it’s not outrageous to suggest that Maddox is on track to beat his American bench press record. In June, his 723.1-pound lift beat the previous American record of 722 pounds (set by Eric Spoto in 2013) .

Check out his raw bench press American record below:


Earlier this year he made one of the most impressive eight-rep sets we’ve ever seen when he benched 600 pounds for eight reps. Now that he’s pressing 610 pounds for eight reps there’s a good chance his one-rep max is on its way to another PR. On the day he broke the raw bench press American record, he made an attempt to break the world record set by Kirill Sarychev’s at 738.5 pounds, but he failed to lock out 739 pounds. But it’s clear there’s a fire lit, and he’s after that 739-pound bench press record.

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We’re not entirely sure when Maddox will compete next, but he’s clearly showing that there is no time for resting. Just after his eight rep bench press session, he posted on his page some 150 pound incline dumbbell work.


He wrote, 150lb dumbbells was acting up and I had to teach them a lesson. After cruising through an astonishing two sets of twenty reps, the lesson was probably learned.

Featured image from @irregular_strength Instagram page.